The Truth


There’s this Universal Harmony somehow allows everything work perfectly. Cause of this phenomena is unknown to many people. Somehow, human experts are constantly trying to discover the secret ingredient of the universe, but no matter how hard they try, the secret ingredient what we simply call, “The Truth“, is not understandable to us. It seems almost impossible. So impossible that we feel like it is not our job or our capability to know what it is.

Why can’t we understand the truth? Is it because that we cannot see it or sense it? Is truth nonsensical? Is truth unreachable? Why most of us do not care about the truth? Is it because we’re not conscious and therefore responsible enough to understand the beauty or harmony in everything?

If the whole universe which is  called, ‘everything’, is so perfectly in harmony, then the truth must be what is holding this harmony. What could be the phenomena that would be holding everything? To answer that question, let’s start from the possible beginning where there is, “no time”.

The strongest assumption about everything is that, it did not exist in the past.  The word “nothing”, for us simply meant emptiness, or the void. Before there was only, “nothing”. There was no, ‘Time’. There was no, ‘change’. ‘Everything’ is all about change where change is a dis-balance and of course the change is perceived by the consumers, us, as ‘the time’.

The fact is, anything in everything that we could not sense or we cannot consume with our senses, was automatically labeled as, ‘nothing’. It was told to us that way. If we don’t sense a thing in everything, call it, ‘nothing’. If we wanted to know the responsible of everything, we called it, the ‘The Creator’. We were simply enslaved into this limitation of fear, with the control of human made explanation of, ‘The Truth’ and the distraction of ignorance and fear. We unconsciously ignore what we fear. But of course there is a reason for that. Being fearless comes with the capability to be responsible or to be responsive to the Universe. There is a plan that comes with everything to be responsive to ‘Everything’. This plan is hidden as the Universal Instruction which we call the ‘Nothing’.

Here is an important fact, ‘The Truth’ does not belong only to humans. Humans can only perceive it better. But an animal can too. A bird, a flower or even a piece of rock. Anything in everything that can sense any change of activity, are capable of knowing or being conscious of, “The Truth”.

So, what is ‘nothing’ to us? If we introduce, an ultrasound, to our ears we would not be able to hear anything therefore, we would not sense that existence. We would simply label that existence as, ‘nothing’. But if we are conscious enough and fearless enough to discover that existence, by using a tool that we created, then new label would become a name that we assign to it, the ‘ultrasound’.

Science, is simply a way for us to label everything, with new level of consciousness created by the bold and concrete steps of our genius ones. Science, allows us to discover the existence of everything, until there is, ‘nothing’!, to know. Science, allows us to become the most conscious so that we are able to verify that, the only thing that we need to know is, actually, ‘nothing’.

But knowing ‘nothing’ is not ‘The Truth’ .

‘The Truth’ is the knowledge and the relationship between the phenomena of  ‘nothing’, and the phenomena of ‘everything’. It is the secret ingredient of all. The formula of ‘Universal Plan’. ‘The Truth’ is not about believing. It’s about knowing. Believing, is surrendering to the one whose knowledge we trust. But Knowing is simply, what we become with ‘Everything’ without the need of dependency to another. For instance, When we taste that fresh juicy apple, we become that apple. But when, the one who we trust or surrender to their domination, tells us that ‘apple is a tasty fruit’ we only have to ‘believe’ to the imagination of those words. That is not living. That is not becoming. That is not knowing. Dependency creates fear and fear leads to surrendering to another who has freedom and Ego to control ‘Everything’.

If ‘The Truth’ is so important, should everyone know it or control it? The answer is, “The Truth”, is only accessible to ones who are capable to consume it. This capability to consume ‘The Truth’ is very important responsibility. Therefore, it is hidden from ‘Everything’.

‘The Truth’ is hidden with ‘Nothing’ that holds ‘Everything’.

Now, the important question is, how can one, consume, “The Truth” if it is hidden with ‘Nothing’? First of all, in order for one to consume anything, one must sense the structure of it. This allows us to create relational structure in our mind, the vision of the truth, in order to process and perceive everything with it. But, when it comes to ‘Nothing’, it is impossible to consume.

To simplify the understanding of ‘Nothing’ we can use the Internet example. Internet is not consumable by humans with senses. We cannot see it, hear it, taste it feel it. None of our senses can detect the Internet. But we can see Internet only as ‘Everything’ which is in the form of an Image on a Computer Screen.

Since, “The Truth”, is the relationship between “The Everything”, and “The Nothing”, then we must identify the structure of both universes. “The Everything Universe” and “The Nothing Universe“. We must live ‘Everything’ and we must live ‘Nothing’ in order to understand “The Truth”. Believing into anything will only prevent us to become part of the Truth.

Eqoria is the structure, that carries the principles of “The Truth”.

Eqoria system is the harmonious and intelligent part of Eqoria which will create and maintain Eqoria for every living being on this planet to live “The Truth”.

This foundation of understanding ‘The Truth’ is important step to understand Eqoria.