Eqoria Earth Paradise


The System

  1. Eqoria System is a global system that will be accepted by 8 billion people to become a global citizen.
  2. The System is designed with Universal principles that are undeniable and contains no doubt.
  3. It is an harmonious system that will allow us to connect to many activities designed specifically for each citizen.
  4. The System will give everything to it’s citizens and get nothing from them.
  5. The System will give us highest respect and bring us to optimum level that we all deserve.
  6. The System is not owned or control by any entity.

The Principles

  1. We are all free once we are optimum.
  2. Every Eqorian represents the important part of conscious collective energy.
  3. Every Eqorian must receive the highest respect.
  4. Every Eqorian must consume everything for their activities to create more harmony.
  5. We must give nothing.
  6. No one shall control any creation that has universal consciousness.
  7. We must all empower QORA, the conscious collective energy.
  8. No one shall own any creation created by our activities in the system.
  9. Everything we create must belong to the system.
  10. Everyone and Everything we create must have activities to balance the collective energy.

The Place (concept-not utopia)

(basic concept-subject to architectural re-design)


It is a place where you can consume and create the universe within your best capabilities. A place where everything is given to you and nothing is expected from you. The place for the earth paradise should provide valuable instructions of earth and it’s creations. We will consume these valuable instructions to become an optimum human being; an Eqorian. An Eqorian shall learn the following from these instructions;

  1. Become Aware: Detect all the changes (distinguishable differences) of all activities which we can consume in order to become aware of our self capabilities. This will initiate self awareness.
  2. Become an Activity Creator: With Self awareness we are able to create instructions of change,  changes represent energy variations of the universe. By changing the nature of activities, we obtains new instructions that will allow us to create links to our senses against everything in the universe. For example: when we ‘see’ a red bird, we consume instructions of light and pattern of the bird, from the ‘Everything’ universe. When we ‘see’ a blue flower, we consume similar instructions. But when we go to sleep, our new self awareness is able to create ‘a blue bird’, a new instruction of the universe. This is an activity created in our mind that will create something new. We call this ‘imagination’.
  3. Limitation Awareness: By changing instruction of activities, we will be aware that every creation has a limit. It is important to discover these limits in order to sustain existence. We can learn this when we realize that ‘everything’ ends when we force these limits. For example: a bird can only exist when the bird eats. When we cut the food, we realize that the bird dies. Everything in the universe has a structure with energy limitation. By learning and being aware these limits we are able to consume and create the instructions to activities that will organize energies of these limits into structures that will exist in harmony. For example; a bird has a structure that will store it’s food into a place, or a bird has the capability to find it’s food, in order to exists. Every limitation is a capability that is organized into a structure.
  4. Awareness of Collective (Organized Structures): Every creation in the universe thus ‘everything’ is organized with another structure, in order to exist together, as collective.
  5. Awareness of Structure:
  6. Awareness of Harmony (Nothing):

The Project Location


See map here http://binged.it/1Ms6srY

There will be multiple locations to cover the whole population of the earth. Currently, we are in the process of building the first EQORIA Earth Paradise in Turkey (subject to change) in approximately 5 million square meters area, surrounded by sea, river, mountain and forests, with all year round warm weather.

The Project  Financing

  1. From Concept to  Operations  it will cost  roughly $250 billion or above.
  2. The project will be financed by   many which are  mainly corporations, angel investors, responsible volunteers,  and individuals.
  3. The place will sustain daily 5 million or more Eqorian Citizens with each generating minimum average of $3000 per person per day. That is equal to $3 Billion a day revenue. And yearly, 300 million people will be visiting.
  4. Visitors will not give anything, but they will get everything. No Tickets. No food, No Clothing, No hotel. No Air Travel. Just bring your Eqoria ID. Not only that, citizens will also make money in Eqoria.

Technology and Creativity

Eqoria Paradise, will consume the latest technologies so that we create the most with our extended capabilities. Technology will adapt to our DNA capability. For example; using Microsoft Hololens and Hologram interfaces, citizens will have customized interfaces for their activities.