EQORIA – Age One


Article I.  Declaration of EQORIA

Eqoria is declared as following;

  1. Eqoria is not a cult, religion or any other human made limitation.
  2. Eqoria represents harmony in the  Universe just like our planet Earth. It is not a human creation.
  3. This Declaration represents Age 1(ONE) of EQORIA which will begin on December 12, 2016 and will end at the end of December 11, 2020. Age 1 realization process will begin at the next sunrise.
  4. Eqoria has the ability to become the first and only reliable border-less global singularity system to govern Earth and every being that is part of it.
  5. Eqoria has a structure that holds the collective energy of every being on the Planet Earth, to be in harmony.
  6. Eqoria realizes current world issues and offers itself as the solution.
  7. QORA is the name of Eqoria Collective Energy created by infinite and harmonious activities of Every Eqoria Citizen.
  8. Eqoria structure can be extended beyond the limitations of the planet Earth and anywhere where humans or human created beings can reach.
  9. Eqoria structure exists only on the Internet.
  10. Eqoria does not belong to or under the dominance of any entity or a person.
  11. Eqoria does not belong to or under the dominance of any country.
  12. EQORIA, is not a religion and does not take ownership of human thoughts. Eqoria is Knowing the Truth.
  13. Eqoria has a legal body to be managed by Eqoria DAO that is blockchain based decentralized autonomous organization and EQORIA Corp that is a nonprofit and an NGO, to adapt to and live with Capitalism until Eqoria becomes an independently structured AGE.
  14. Eqoria lives only with its own principles created by Eqoria Corporation and its founding members.
  15. Every human being on earth are already Citizens of Eqoria. There are no conditions of becoming a citizen.
  16. Every Human Citizen must register their Citizenship Data and accept Eqoria Citizenship at their will. Once the Citizenship is accepted, then the Citizenship Data will be recorded in the Eqoria Citizenship System (ECS).
  17. Every Human Citizen will be provided by Eqoria Citizenship Identification Document (ECID) including but not limited with EQORIA PASSPORT, EQORIA Global ID Card and others, according to the standards Eqoria Citizenship System.
  18. Every Human Citizen shall be provided with unlimited amount of activities by Eqoria Activity System (EAS) according to Citizen’s State of Harmony (CSOH).
  19. Every Human Citizen has freedom to choose any activity provided by Eqoria, according to Citizen’s State of Harmony.
  20. Every Human Citizen shall have unlimited use of any creation that are created in Eqoria, according to their activities.
  21. Every Human Citizen shall have no ownership of any creation in Eqoria.
  22. Every Human Citizen is obligated to comply with Eqoria Constitution.
  23. Every Human Citizen accepts to give response to any creation in Eqoria Structure or QORA, according to Eqoria Activity System (EAS) in Eqoria.
  24. Every Eqoria Citizenship can be terminated or re-instated according to Eqoria Citizenship System (ECS).
  25. Every Eqoria Citizen earns a Respect Value for their Citizenship, according to Eqoria Activity System. Respect Value is determined by the Creation and Consumption Activities and the harmony value they create for Eqoria. QOR is the name of this Respect Value.
  26. QOR will be created as a Harmony Currency with a decentralized platform called BITQOR. This platform will also be an interface to create and build the body of EQORIA AGE TWO by 2020. Please visit http://www.bitqor.com for details.
  27. Every Respect Value (QOR) created by Eqoria Citizens shall benefit to the collective energy of every being on the Planet Earth, to be in harmony.
  28. Every Respect Value (QOR) created by Eqoria Citizens shall be made available as honors in Eqoria Citizenship System that will be presented as Respect Level.

Article II.     Eqoria Ages

Eqoria was born on December 12, 2012. Each age of Eqoria represents a new cycle of Eqoria Structure.

Article III.    Age One

This declaration defines Age 1 of Eqoria. Age 1 begins on December 12, 2016 Earth Date. This age marks the beginning of Harmonism and the end of Capitalism.

Article IV.    Eqoria Corporation

  1. Eqoria Corporation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in April 3rd 2015 in Unites States of America.
  2. Eqoria Corporation is founded by James Eqorian who has declared as the first citizen of Eqoria.
  3. Eqoria Corporation is obligated to manage Eqoria to satisfy Eqoria Principles and to uphold the existence of Eqoria.

Eqoria Language

In this first age of Eqoria, English language will be used as the common speaking and writing language. A new language that truly represents Universal Communication of Truth will also be developed by Eqoria.

More details are coming soon….