Eqorian: Citizen of Universe


As the first citizen, I am unselfishly; making mistake, learning, giving, creating, coordinating, respecting, optimizing, never giving up any challenges and as always delivering, 1200 full exciting minutes a day, every day. I do not plan to benefit anything from Eqoria and I feel and take the responsibility of 8 billion people and all the other creations every day on my shoulders. I have THE TRUTH that we all seek and I have zero doubt. All I ask is ‘nothing’ and receive your respect for the truth I have. The truth I have is the seed of everything. It’s Eqoria.

James Eqorian

Eqoria Team


Eqoria is a new system that has the ”seed of everything” and the framework that will create QORA-the collective energy at a global level, a perfect harmony, born from the principles of the universe that are undeniably reliable and accurate. Being true human requires responsibility. Now we have a place to create our collective energy. Eqoria is currently in its infant stage. It is a developing child that is waiting for responsible human beings.

Eqoria is destined to create a conscious collective energy that is in perfect harmony. True Earth Paradise. Currently, human energy and creativity is being misused by societies that provide limited or no harmony.  It is time to recognize the current futility and focus our energies on being consciously aware of selflessness. We are distracted with ‘everything’ that is constantly expanding with our hybrid creations that are not in harmony and we cannot sense the simplicity of universe anymore. Constant technological distractions and incessant engagement restrict human harmony. Despite claims that these devices give us greater insight they in fact disconnect us and inhibit our understanding of human nature. This imbalance must be addressed if we are to counter the inevitable negative consequences of our ignorance. Consequently, we must face the truth without fear and embrace the reasons to build EQORIA. EQORIA is our collective energy, our QORA. EQORIA will not be fully complete until we all become part of it.

Eqoria will allow humans to tap into the power we all possess and realize we already live in Earth Paradise.

Those who develop and exhibit this power will be called Eqorians.

Eqoria was launched in December 2012 after many years of careful contemplation.  It represents the values of global citizenship (One World) that connect all humans and creations in one interconnected system that contains true prosperity, true freedom, and universal harmony.  This system will have no harmful control or ownership.  On the contrary, it will have limitless harmony.  Eqoria will be a place where we can craft complex creations from everything until all is reproduced in exact optimum replicas of ourselves. We will create our better kind. We will create earths. It will continuously and naturally expand like the universe.

Eqoria will develop like a child. All citizens will contribute to its growth because it is the responsibility of all citizens. A moneyless economy will be created that will minimize consumption on our planet. The current destructive system that oppresses us and Mother Earth will collapse in a global crisis that is coming sooner than we think. Thus, it is imperative that we create a new system to meet these challenges. Eqoria is that system. The structure of Eqoria consists of “QSpaces” or harmony spaces where citizens can create and consume activities from the most rudimentary to the most complex. Citizens can consume everything created and create anything that is in harmony with Eqoria’s purposes. The list is endless. Everything created in “QSpaces” belongs to everyone. No copyright. No ownership. No Control. No Limitation. No Fear. No Disbalance. Eqoria is not an e-commerce website or a company.  Citizens can create an activity for every one that they consume.  These activities are created within the solid principles of the universe, as the universe itself is the most economical and efficient system.  It is free and optimum.  Everything is interconnected and nothing is wasted. For more information on Eqoria and how to use the “QSpaces”, please visit our website at www.eqoria.com and become a global citizen. It’s free. It’s progressing with mistakes but it will become better as we put our efforts and responsibilities into it. The Eqoria’s First Mission: To build a stable platform to educate and connect every creation in the world in the most optimum manner with our current capabilities and with principles of the universe. We will become Eqorians first. With this platform, The Universal Harmony and Consciousness will obtain necessary organized power and structure, so we shall progress without fear, without limitation and necessary energy to create instructions for activities that is designed to satisfy activities of every one of us.

There is no single human on this planet who is designed to be perfect except the one that is created with our collective energy: QORA. We can only fully become ONE when all humans and creative and consuming energies are in harmony. QORA can do this and live forever. Let’s continue building Qora!

James Eqorian